Vegan catering trade

Tailored to the needs of the catering industry we provide solutions for professional bulk consumers.

Strong Bread & Pizza topping

Especially in the field of strong bread and pizza toppings we offer over 20 products as vegan alternatives to spreading, as slices or as a block.

Alternative to Meat / sausage / cold cuts

Even vegans need no longer to do without tasty sausages, burgers, roasts and meats. The wheat or soy-based products convince also non-vegans.

Cremes / egg-spare /desserts

Indispensable for vegan cooking and baking are the egg substitute products and vegan soy or rice whipped creams.

Tofu / Tempeh / Seitan

Tofu, tempeh and seitan are the basic products of vegan cuisine. For the production of gyros, steaks, burgers, Bolognese and more.

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