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The company Alsan is from the Northern part of Germany and manufactures various plant margarines . Our Alsan magarine is the most delicious butter alternative for us in the market . Ideally suited in particular for baking. And it is organic.


Against the Grain is from England and offers tasty vegan cookies in five varieties. They are wheat, dairy and gluten free and also organic.


Bauckhof is one of the pioneers among the health food manufacturers. Since 1932 the family in northern Germany has grown in the meanwhile on three farms and offered a diverse range, including many vegan and gluten-free products in organic and Demeter quality.

Beauty Sweeties

The brand Beauty Sweeties from Hamburg has been selling an assortment of fruit gummies since 2011. The special thing about them are the beauty ingredients coenzyme Q10, aloe vera, collagen and biotin, combined with delicious fruits. The sweets are free from animal gelatin.


Benevo Foods UK is a manufacturer of completely vegan and vegetarian pet food. All products are produced cruelty-free and approved by the British Vegetarian Society. The product range includes dry food, wet food and chewing bones for dogs and cats. In our shop we offer the vegan options.


Bonvita is a great brand for confectionery in organic quality . We carry delicious chocolate in many flavors , cookies and bars.


Björnsted offers avant-garde chocolate indulgences. Their ecological and social approach promises organic farming, stable and fair wages, a transparent production process and the best ingredients. The results are fine dark chocolates in different flavours, such as Cranberry or Chili.

Clif Bar

Clif Bar is an US company and provides Energy bars and Energy shots. They come in many different flavors and are of course vegan.


The Heirler Cenovis GmbH offers with its brands a big range of wholesome and quality food. Among them are many vegan products, such as sausages and meat substitutes.


Hobelz Veggie World is specialized in meat substitutes. The offer ranges from sausages, hot dogs up to cold cuts. Particular attention is paid to quality and fair prices.


iChoc, from the same creators of Vivani Chocolate, offers organic vegan chocolate, that barely differs from conventional milk chocolate in taste. Thanks to the use of rice milk, one can now enjoy exciting flavours like White Nougat Crip or Almond and Orange.


The company Landgarten is from Austria. The products are roasted soybeans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, seasoned with salt, spices or chocolate to freeze-dried fruits and nuts in chocolate. The seeds come from their own organic cultivation and 20 contract farmers, the chocolate is from fair trade.

Lord of Tofu

Lord of Tofu offers tasteful, vegan tofu specialties in best organic quality. Its offer ranges from simple tofu over tofu sausage to tofu shrimp. All Lord of Tofu products are vegan and gluten-free.


The OAT KING oatmeal energy bar is made from the finest ingredients and traditional hand. As a distinctive taste experience he has been in many delicious varieties available Tender, juicy oatmeal forms the basis for the handmade oat bars.


The company Marthomi Allergy Free Foods was founded in 2008 in Holland. Zero Zebra was its first brand, standing for allergen-free, Fairtrade and 100% organic chocolate products. The production uses Italian rice. For some time already, the product range has been expanded by a variety of cookies from the Marthomi brand Rice Mice. Both brands can be found in our shop.

Moo Free

Moo Free is a world leading manufacturer of dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan confectionery products that actually taste like milk chocolate. To achieve this they replace cow milk with rice milk to create a delicious, milk chocolate taste that doesn’t require a single cow.

Nagel Tofu

The Tofumanufaktur Nagel from Hamburg manufactures since 1984 Tofu and other pure plant premium products made ??from soy and wheat protein. There are delicious tofu, great sausages and many other specialties.


Nakd is a young British company devoted to increasing world happiness with yummy healthy snacks, humour and helpfulness. Made from just raw fruits and nuts lovingly ‘smooshed’ together. Containing 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups, these bars are also wheat, dairy and gluten free, and bursting with yummy goodness.


We love Orgran No Egg. It is our Nr. 1 egg replacement. It contains no cholesterol, no lactose and no egg! It can be used in cakes, meringues or to make egg free mayonnaise. It is also great as a pantry fill as each packet has the equivalent of 33 eggs. You’ll never run out of eggs again!


Plamil chocolate bars are like dairy-free , organic or with no added sugar available in various alternatives. In addition, there are also delicious mayonnaise for every taste. All Plamil products are dairy free and gluten free, and produced in our own ‘no nuts’ factory.


The company, founded in 1983, offers a wide range of vegetable alternatives to milk, yogurt and desserts. Provamel products are produced from soybeans, rice, almonds, hazelnuts or macadamia nuts, all from 100% organic cultivation.


Rapunzel Naturkost for over 40 years is one of the leading organic producer in Europe. Through organic farming Rapunzel tries to protect the world’s natural resources. The core assortment includes nut butters, cereals, pasta, cooking oils and chocolate. The range includes more than 450 products.


Since 1985, Rosengarten has developed and produced high-quality organic products. The broad product range of Rosengarten ranges from many muesli variations up to pastries and snacks. Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free products are specifically offered.


For over ten years Schlagfix is a successful brand of the company LeHa. Schlagfix offers a wide range of pure vegetable milk substitutes. This is the perfect alternative for vegans, allergy sufferers and all others who want to eat consciously. Its products include whipped cream, coffee creamers, canola margarine and mayonnaise.


Seitenbacher stands for quality, regionality and natural food products. The family business, founded in 1980, provides in particular muesli mixes in all variations and sells its products worldwide in the meantime. There are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free products available and also special products for athletes.


Soyatoo is one of the brands of Tofutown. Soyatoo is known for its plants creams and plants drinks soya, rice and coconut. Only organically grown and Non-Bt products are used for further processing.


TerraVegane is a manufacturer from Berlin who has focus on delicious meat alternatives. We carry delicious meats, or ground beef alternatives.


Vegamigo is a private label of the Berlin company Veganic. It focuses on herbal substitutes, including a variety of vegan products, such as various cheese products, omelette mixes, seitan powder and burgers.

Veggie Street

Veggie Street stands for vegetable cream spreads and pates from organic ingredients. There are spread creams in many varieties, like e.x. papaya curry, wild herbs, apple-horseradish. Veggie Street is a brands of the company Tofutown.


Vegavero is one of the most popular brands in Germany for vegan vitamins, superfoods and other dietary supplements. Many products are made in organic quality. From Detox Tea, organic Superfoodmix to Moringa Powder and MSM. Vegavero offers a huge portfolio. Just have a look into our shop.


VGN FCTRY offers vegan cappuccino alternatives without genetic engineering and without soy. Available in 6 flavors: Caramel, hazelnut, toffee, Classic & Classic less sweet – decaf!


Viana is a brand of Tofutown and offers a wide range of vegan products, e.x. different varieties of tofu, such as hazelnut or sprouts tofu. In addition, various burgers are offered, such as the veggie2go Ocean Beach burger.


We love Violife products. Violife is the brand for vegan cheese alternatives. Whether sliced in more than 12 flavors, fresh cheese alternative in 5 flavors, or Violife Prosociano, the alternative to Parmesan. Much is also available in 2.5kg cheese blocks for the catering industry. For us, these are the best cheese alternatives on the market.


The yeast product company Vitam offers a wide range of yeast products and in addition a wide range of vegan products, such as mayonnaise or salad dressing. Very, very tasty.


The Vivani range includes more than 20 different organic chocolate bars and other chocolate products such as chocolate coatings, chocolate bars and drinking chocolate.


V-Dog is an American company for vegan dog food. The company is committed to the health of dogs and the minimization of environmental degradation, because even vegan dogs make a difference. We offer their dry food, such as the Crunchy Nuggets.


Since 1906 already, Wikana has belonged to the producers of sweet goodies in Germany, including a cookie factory. Since 2001, the company has been committed to organic agriculture and now produces organic cookies with Fairtrade ingredients. Wikana likes to go with the trend, for example producing vegan and organic Sandwich Cookies and organic Quinoa-Cocoa-Cookies, which we both

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