Vegan retail trade

Based on our experience in recent years, we can support you in selecting the assortment. We pay special attention to this vegan products around the essential for the retail categories:

Strong Bread & Pizza topping

Especially in the field of strong bread and pizza toppings we offer over 20 products as vegan alternatives to spreading, as slices or as a block.

Alternative to meat / sausage / cold cuts

Even vegans need no longer to do without tasty sausages, burgers, roasts and meats. This wheat or soy-based products convince also non-vegans.

Sweets / snacks

Whether chocolate, snacks or fruit gums – all products here are vegan, so free of all animal ingredients. Thus, people with lactose intolerance do not have to do without sweets.

Cremes / egg-spare / desserts

Indispensable for vegan cooking and baking are the egg substitute products and vegan soy or rice-based whipped creams.

Tofu / Tempeh / Seitan

Tofu, tempeh and seitan are the basic products of vegan cuisine. They are used for the production of gyros, steaks, burgers, Bolognese and many more.


The vegan spreads are all the rage – not just for vegans. Whether sweet or savory: all products are healthy and delicious.

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