Our bank is focusing on sustainability.

The GLS Bank is our bank, because the issues of sustainability and responsibility are the basis of their trade. In the foreground is not the maximum return, but the achievable benefits for society. This means concretely that the GLS Bank funds exclusively environmental, social and cultural projects. Here are some examples: Community residential projects, free schools, kindergartens, facilities for persons with disability, medicine and health, life and old age care, organic farming, healthy eating, organic sector, sustainable companies, renewable energy, art, culture and civic management.

We us 100% renewable energy from water, wind and sun.

We use both private and business green electricity which is generated from renewable and emission-free to 100 percent. With Greenpeace Energy, we have found an energy supplier, which matches our claim of sustainability. Greenpeace Energy offers green power, which does not include the energy eg arising from the intensive livestock farming and intensive agriculture. Thus, it is no exaggeration to describe the flow of Greanpeace Energy as “vegan”. The electricity comes exclusively from hydropower plants and wind turbines in Austria and Germany and is of course subject to the strict criteria of environmental protection organization Greenpeace.

CO2 neutral shipping.

DHL is our partner for the safe transport of your ordered products from our warehouse to your front door.To ensure a CO2 neutral shipping, we use the product “CO2 neutral shipping” DHL. In addition, DHL uses the principle of carbon offsetting. 2011 the CO2 balance of DHL was more than 134,000 tons of shipping of customer shipments. In addition, DHL invests directly in climate protection projects based on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which offer CO2 emission credits under the rules of the Kyoto Protocol. So DHL launched 2010 the first own climate protection project in Lesotho. There, over 10,000 households were equipped with so-called Save80 firewood stoves. This saves up to 80% of the firewood locally and reduced CO2 emissions.

So startete DHL in 2010 das erste eigene Klimaschutzprojekt in Lesotho. Dort wurden ├╝ber 10.000 Haushalte mit sogenannten SAVE80-Brennholzkochern ausgestattet. Dadurch werden vor Ort bis zu 80 % Brennholz eingespart und CO2-Emissionen gesenkt.

Environmental printing sets their colors on renewable raw materials

We do not print a lot, but once we print something, then we only work with printers together, which use exclusively recycled papers and fill high ecological standards. A good example here is our partner, environmental printing. The printing environment ensures while using the inks that containing mineral constituents are largely replaced by ingredients based on renewable raw materials. All unavoidable CO2 emissions that occur throughout the printing process, are offset by investments in climate protection projects.

Eco-friendly Hosting – 100% CO2 neutral.

Our data center partner is Host Europe. Host Europe sees itself as a pioneer in consistent and environmentally friendly hosting and uses 100% current with the ok-power label and thus produces 100% CO2 neutral. Host Europe undertakes extensive efforts to reduce the CO2 content of the atmosphere and minimize further the energy consumption by a maximum energy efficiency.

We are ECO-certified, which is just as important as our vegan product range.

We have certified us under the EU Organic Regulation. Thus we can lead the organic seal. We appreciate any organic vegan product produced in our shop. We represent with “Veganic – BECAUSE WE CARE” the position that we take care of all the vegan foods that they are also produced according to organic standards. Who wants to protect animals, their environment and protect themselves will be grateful about it. We know that we are currently still lead articles, which are not produced in organic quality. This we will replace them with products in organic quality, as soon as the producers offer us alternatives. Currently over 80% of our product range are from products in organic quality. The trend is rising.

We use instead on their own cars carsharing.

We try to make as little as possible with a car. But if we need a car, then a (electric) car over (Flinkster) carsharing. From our point of view it makes no sense to buy or lease a car, which is then already parked 70% of the time on the roadside. The money we save here, we can plug in the (more expensive) eco electricity.

The free returns for reuse of cooling batteries and packing materials

We take our motto “because we care” seriously – not just for food, we only use environmentally friendly packaging materials, but we want use them again if possible. Our Service:

  • If you have collected at least 10 (preferably more) cold packs, we would take them back gladly. We pay the return slip and you get an additional 30 cents voucher per cold pack.
  • You can also return other packaging materials with freezer packs.

Our adhesive foils are made from recycled paper

Who is already our customer, knows our packages with the Veganic paper tape. We have decide against cheap adhesive rolls of plastic (and petroleum), but for the better, and thus more expensive paper tape. It is made from paper and glue from natural rubber. It is coated with a rubber layer and provides for a dust tight seal of the packages.

Our bubble wrap is compostable

Our partner for packaging materials such as bubble wrap and air pillows is Biobiene. Europe’s first online shop for environmentally friendly packaging and shipping material. Ideally we need when packing your goods as little packaging material as needed. But since we can never prevent that sometimes a little air left in the carton, or we want to pack a glass, we needed packing material. And here it is important for us to buy environmentally friendly products than the cheaper plastic products manufactured from crude oil. Our Biobiene bubble wrap and air pillows can be sent either with at least 10 cold packs via free returns back to us, himself used again, or be thrown into the organic household waste (compost).

Our envelopes are produced CO2 neutral.

We use Envirelope envelopes. The manufacturing process is CO2 neutral and 100% recycled paper is used. The adhesive is water soluble and the window film is made of renewable resources and is biodegradable.

We use the Bio-Top 3 paper.

This paper is 100% chlorine free bleached and uses no optical brighteners. From Greenpeace and WWF, the paper is queued in the ecological category A for paper products.

Our paper bags are made from 100% recycled cardboards

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